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Elite Goalkeeper Academy

analysis package

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Certified trainers and former Bundesliga professionals give you their assessment!

With the analysis package, you will receive an objective assessment of your level of performance based on numerous measurement data that we will check on you. Selected measurement data paired with the neutral perception of our experienced trainers form an overall picture that allows for an appropriate assessment. We take comparative values from established youth academies of professional clubs throughout Europe.

The Elite Goalkeeper Academy Analysis contains:

+ 2 training units with measurements and data collection

+ Data evaluation with key figures

+ Individual scouting report and comparative figures

+ Consultation (What could your next career step look like? In which areas should you still work? Where are you particularly good compared to others?

Are you coming from further away?

We would be happy to arrange accommodation and meals for you. Please text us at:


Lindenbuschweg 103

50226 Frechen